The slimes are coming

As the Last Guardian of the Earth who roams the Earth Disc, you're humanity's only hope. You must prevail. Defend Earth from the Evil Slimes in this short space themed slasher (or should we say poofer?).


  • ARROW Keys / WASD to move
  • CTRL / LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack


Protect the planet from the Evil Slimes
The Slimes are ruthless and come in waves that gradually become harder to beat. They must be annihilated before they destroy your one and only planet. Your goal is for the planet to survive all enemy waves (currently 10).

You cannot get hurt
But if you won't be careful, your precious planet will get destroyed.

Enemies cannot be killed
Hitting the Slimes isn't going to kill them. Instead, they must be pushed off the boundaries of the sphere.

Arena Disc
You only have a small platform to navigate on and you need to try and cover as much area as you can - always be on the move.

Epic Soundtrack
The chaos and mythology-inspired surrealism is emphasized with intense and epic music that will motivate you to protect the one and only planet. Keep on going until you beat this short game!

About Us

We attempted a game jam this time
But we had weddings and other things so it took a little longer than the standard 72 hours. We planned something far more advanced, with progression and tougher enemies, but reality got the better of us. However, we're still proud of the game and find it quite enjoyable - hope you will too!

We are a team of three
developer, an artist and a sound designer. Passionate about gaming and making games that make you feel and think.

Please rate us
(Star icon at the right side of the page)
 to let us know that you like the game and motivate us to work on new content.

We are working on new experiences
Follow us at or for updates and a chance to help us in beta versions.

We would like to improve this game
And to get better at making games, so your opinion is very important to us, please leave suggestions below! :)


Development log


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Nice but you don't get any score to know how well you're doing vs your last attempt. Just the wave number. Keep it up though!


A *bit* delayed but thanks for the feedback! Since this was made in a game jam there were a lot of things we didn't have time to implement. Will definitely keep score a priority next time! :D


Thank you! :D