A terrifying Darkness is at your doorstep.

Trapped inside the Lunar Station, you must escape or be consumed.

"a very tense and atmospheric blend of Sci-Fi horror and Sokoban-esque puzzling"
- AlphaBetaGamer, freegameplanet.com

"An unnerving experience"
- BobbyJack.me


  • Move - Arrow Keys (Press two keys at the same time to move diagonally)
  • Pause - 'P' or 'ESC'
  • Restart the level - ‘R’
  • Interact - Hold 'Z'
  • Save - See “Autosave between levels


Escape From the Darkness
Something odd and mysterious has happened in Lunar Station 0112B2. You happen to be caught in the midst of all the chaos, and must now find your way out before it’s too late.

Solve Puzzles to Progress
The oddity has disrupted the station's mechanisms, and parts of it are now consumed or blocked. Remove the obstacles in your path to get to the exit as quickly as you can, before the Darkness catches up with you.

Atmospheric Sound
Immerse yourself with the electric shuddering of the empty station, and hear the voices as though they were right behind you.
Headphones are highly recommended.

Audio Reacts to the Player
Experience fear. The closer you are to the darkness, the more intense it becomes.

Autosave Between levels
The game saves progress between each level. Helpful when you want to come back at a later time or refresh the page if something happened.

About Us

  • We are a team of three: a developer, an artist and a sound designer. Passionate about gaming and making games that make you feel and think.
  • Please rate us (star icon at the right side of the page) to let us know that you like the game and motivate us to work on new content.
  • We are working on new experiences. Follow us at https://sheeproid.itch.io or https://avivlevy.itch.io for updates and a chance to help us in beta versions.
  • We would like to improve this game and to get better at making games, so your opinion is very important to us, please leave suggestions below! :)



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Found any bugs? If so, please let us know in the comments below! We will be very grateful :)

Release date Oct 04, 2019
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorsSheeproid, EK-Productions, Aviv Levy
GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withPyxel Edit, Audacity, OpenFL, Stencyl
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer, Space
Average sessionA few seconds

Development log


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This game is a good game ! I love the ideas but more type of obstacle of more variety on sounds and graphismes can be cool ! Good job 

I really like these indie games with retro graphics, the art is simply and beautiful, the puzzles is simply too, but the necessity of think fast to solve it and not get sucked by that black matter and the creepy sounds makes it have an amazing atmosphere and experience. I loved it! 

Thanks! Glad you loved it :)


very good atmosphere, and good tension in the puzzles.
I was a bit disappointed by the end, though...

(2 edits) (+1)

Hi! Thanks for letting us know! Glad you enjoyed the game. I totally get what you said about the ending - it definitely could've been better and the game kind of ends abruptly.


Well, after writing my comment, I have read the one about the pill, being a medecine.
Okay, it makes sense. But maybe it could have been brougth a bit more clearly, to give its full power to the ending.

(6 edits) (+1)

----- SPOILER -----

Well, that was just a remarkable idea from a player - not our original thought. But I really like that it's open to interpretation.

Let me put on my pseudo science glasses: the original idea behind the darkness entity is that it's not a "monster" or an illusion but some sort of "field" that sucks everything into it, and what you hear is actually those on the other side of it that are screaming for help. The "pill" is actually a crystal that "generates" a negating field of some sort that negates the "dark field" of the entity.

Obviously we hadn't thought about it that much at the beginning - we just thought it'd be cool to beat the darkness after escaping it for 13 levels, and that it'll be nice to have something vague that interacts with it. :D


By the way, seeing that people still play this two years after we published it is amazing. Thank you :)


Está genial, solo quisiera poder descargarlo 

Thanks! You can download the game if you install the Itch.io desktop app. :) Cheers

I'm having a wonderful time. Escape level is great. It's scary and fun.


Thank you, happy to hear you enjoyed the game! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

(SPOILER) If I had to guess, the red pill in the end is some kind of a new future antipsychotic and the Darkness was just a psychosis caused by long separation from Earth/loneliness.

This is a brilliant interpretation. Who knows, it may be right :D

Is this your first game project? If so, I'm definitely impressed.

It's really cool how much tension you manage to create with such minimalist design elements. If anything the spartan graphics actually add to the overall feeling of alienation and dread.

10/10, Excellent game.


Hi Jeaton1789! I'm really glad you liked the game!

This is the first game that we, as a team, can call complete and published. We have worked on other projects before (separately) but never actually completed and uploaded finished games (As short as they might be).

I was always a fan of simplistic, retro graphics. The first assets for the game were actually colorful, but I'm so glad we went for the b&w theme.


Nice horrorpuzzle!

(1 edit)

Thank you! :) Nice gameplay! Do you have any suggestions on how / what to improve?

I thought it was unnatural that I could only move from the side.

If I understood correctly, then I agree. At first it does seem counter intuitive that you can only interact with objects from the sides.

It's a little sacrifice of immersion in favor of more challenging and compact puzzles.

We thought about having in-game justification for this, I.E Computers looking left/right and crates having some sort of rails that they slide on, so they can only slide to the sides.

So, calming that playthrough was. I didn't realize until I posted the video that for some reason the audio wasn't playing? It must have been my recording stuff or something. Nonetheless it was a very cute and fun puzzle game despite the void coming after you. I really enjoyed it. 


(2 edits) (+1)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, that was fun to watch! :) 

13:32 - We might need to add a reload level button... EDIT: We have!

18:42 - you're welcome haha :)

Just played and reviewed this game. I found it pretty unnerving (that atmospheric soundtrack!) and the core mechanic was solid and easy to understand. Love the graphics — totally my style!

I think it needs 'something more' if it's to transition to a full game. Maybe less linear progression, maybe a few more mechanics. I can imagine this being a great handheld game — i.e. Switch.

Glad you liked it, loved the review!

Added a link to it in the top of the page :)

P.s - Do you think the Switch has an advantage over mobile devices (Android/IPhone)?

Personally, I like having the option to game handheld & big screen - it really makes a difference. Plus, i prefer good old-fashioned controllers to touchscreen :)

Yeah, get what you're saying :)

Spacing out the frantic levels with contemplative levels was a superb design choice.  You can introduce new mechanics then throw the player into an arena where they must put what they learned to the test.

Awesome :)

Do you have an idea for a new mechanic?

I greatly enjoyed the game, the sound and art design was excellent and on point.

I found the "intro" levels sufficent however it sometimes felt that we had some "boring" levels where there was no real incentive to do them at a fast pace, maybe add a timer for speed run options?

overall its a great game and a great idea, well done!

(1 edit)

Those levels are meant to allow the player to relax. We know that some people find them a bit tedious, so we might make them shorter or more interesting... We don't want to ruin the thrill.

Thanks for playing and for the review :)

I liked it, I think what makes them seem a hassle is that it becomes a clear pattern of chill / chase / chill / chase - with a tiny bit more "story" elements you could make them not seem like the obvious relax levels they are, like in horror games, the horror comes out "randomly", at this point it is clearly a game system, instead of that horror thing not chasing for some reason. Great short game!

(1 edit)

Hi, thanks for sharing your insight! Changing the pattern is actually a really good tweak that we can very easily implement, and it makes sense. :)

We thought of implementing story moments in those levels, so it might be something we'll do in the future.

Really good atmosphere. The puzzles require quick thinking but never feel unfair.

Thank you, glad you liked the game :)

Great little game! A good use of sound and close calls to create some intense moments. Thanks! 

(1 edit)

Thanks, our sound artist gave us a few good scares as well haha

I really like the game design :) you let the player know in a small amount of steps, what he needs to know in the next level. Just a small "beep" let me know, that some of the lasers are time limited, just for example. The art is simple but the player sees everything he needs and lets you focus on time to develop more levels and puzzles :) keep up your work! 

Glad you enjoyed playing our game.

Teaching the player in the manner you described was indeed our intention.

Do you have any suggestion on how to take the game to the next level?

In my opinion it is very important for a horror-game to give the player a good atmosphere. More than features or skills. You really nailed it with your first rooms.

The thing is, you have some options now:

1. You let this game be as it is, make some performance or style changes when needed and take all you've learned to the next level in a new project. Don't take the "perfection" of a game too serious. -> I would be really glad to see more games made by your team!

2. You could think about a new level of atmosphere. That could be a new behavior or property for the "enemy". For now it is something that follows the player and tries to catch him. But what is, when this enemy/monster evolves to something that plays with the players mind? Maybe the room changes into something more grotesque and challenges the player in some unexpecting way. That could offer you new ways for puzzles. Just for example :)

3. You could doing both. :D

I hope my opinion and thoughts will help you a bit ^^. 

Playing with the rooms itself is a really neat idea! Hmm.. maybe even changing the room layout itself mid level?

We'll definitely think about it.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment :)

"changing the room layout itself mid level?"


"Thanks again for taking the time to comment :)"

You're welcome :)

That was really cool! I waited until nighttime with headphones to play it properly.

I liked the idea quite a bit. I'm kinda torn on how I feel...

First of all, I love the graphics and the atmosphere. Totally nailed it. 

However, when it comes to horror games, I much prefer less challenge and gameplay, and more about being in the space. The reason I say that is because having to retry over and over really kills the scariness for me. That takes me out of the immersive mindset and into a more game-y one. 

But on the other hand, would there be much of a point to this if it was too easy? I do think multiple difficulties a la Celeste could do the trick, but I'm not sure. 

Anyways, this was really enjoyable despite dying again and again, lol. Thanks!

(2 edits)

Thanks so much for the detailed review and suggestion, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. Cheers!

(3 edits)

Thank you :)

We were inspired by games like Alien Isolation and Amnesia where the game uses the feeling of being chased by something that you can't defeat to convey the horror.

We thought about a mechanic like hiding in a room and closing the door or something similar until a "wave" of darkness passes, but we are not sure about how to implement it exactly.

We will love to hear more suggestions from you in the future and as this game gets updated.


I really liked it. My experience was very different to the one that Brandon had, but that's partially because I'm used to retrogaming, I guess, so semi-monochrome low-res art is a plus for me. That the shadow could have different speeds was very interesting, because at the beginning of each level I was always expecting to see what I was dealing with. The core of this game seemed to be to plan ahead what I would need to do, like a maze, and I like that, but for that to be more difficult you could give the players the ability to see a bit further ahead, which would give the designer more freedom to make more harder and complex situations.

I'd recommend taking a look at Duskers. That game has a vaguely similar premise, in theme and mechanics, but much more developed and is very good at that, with drones lost in space trying to get in and out of spaceships that are breaking apart. Your game is quite unique though, so it would be interesting to see it grow. It'd be a blast to play it on mobile :)

Thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough review! We are very glad you liked it. Will take a look at Duskers =]


The core idea of trying to navigate under the threat of the darkness works well but most of the time the game felt more tedious than scary. I understand what purpose the waiting/holding the player back serves in emphasizing the horror but I feel there are ways to do that without being unengaging. It certainly not necessary in the between-y segments. I get they're meant to serve as a break in the tension but all your left with is the waiting and slow movement. Plus the bright white low res art style never really felt that terrifying.

Thank you for taking the time to play the game and point out what you believe can be made better.

We too think that the horror feel could have more emphasis through gameplay.


Here's my gameplay.

Great gameplay!! Thank you! Again sorry about that last moment. We'll fix it asap.

Your game dont wanna work smh.

Thanks for the heads up
Did you try to refresh the page when the bar is full?

Yes. I even re-installed. It stopped working for me. Overall tho, great game. Keep up the good work.

Thank you. Good to hear you enjoyed the game. Sorry that it stopped working, we'll figure it out soon.